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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I've been a member for over 8 years and I've enjoyed every minute of it. The coaching I receive is second to none. I never feel pushed to put up heavier weights or faster times for the sake of chasing a PR. Instead, I'm trained on form and technique which later produces the PRs. Also, there's a sense of caring. I'm a laborer...that's what I do...that's how I provide for my family. If I hurt myself in the gym, then it also affects my livelihood. I feel safe at WECF, being under a watchful eye and given feedback when I'm not taking the appropriate steps in my fitness. By far, what I love most about WECF is the community. The energy and support from the members drive me to be my best."

Bobby, member since 2012

"WECF is made up of people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and walks of life. That is the first thing I noticed when becoming a  member. The second thing I noticed was how much fun everyone was having before, during, and yes, after the workout. Inclusivity and fun?! Yes please!"

Liz, member since 2014

"I love the energy and camaraderie of our community. We are all there to do our best and we support each other on our personal and collective journeys. And I love our selfless and dedicated coaches who always have our backs - they're our teachers, protectors, cheerleaders, and friends."

Robyn, member since 2015

"I truly cannot say enough good things about West End CrossFit. I found this gym at a transitional point in my life, coming from a previous sport that left me with injuries and uncertainty about what I could do next to keep up my fitness. The community is so encouraging and the coaches' expertise is unmatched. I had no idea how to snatch a barbell before I met Tim and Jen, and since then, they pushed me to state and national competitions! WECF is much more than a place to work out, and it became everything I didn't know I needed. I've grown as a person (literally, I was 15 when I started coming here), in my knowledge of health and fitness, and my passion for exercise because of this gym. I am so grateful for this second family."

Carly, member since 2017

"I love coming to WECF because it is a very motivating environment. The people and coaches have taught me to push my limits and built my confidence."

Nicole, member since 2018

"WECF is my happy place and CrossFit is a life changer. It is the only style of workouts that keeps me engaged and coming back for more. The workouts are pre-planned and the knowledgeable coaches are your personal trainers. But West End CrossFit is more than the workouts and the gym. It's a community that supports life's changes and challenges. A community of friends that become your family and who keep you accountable."

Lesley, member since 2018

"The people of WECF became a second family for me. We have great coaches here and everyone supports each other. That's why I love working out here and spending time with people."

Christina, member since 2019

"From the first day I walked in, people here at WECF have made me feel like I have been a member for years. This has certainly helped an introverted person like me to integrate into the community easily."

Railya, member since 2019

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